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Al Rosanna Dinner: A Levantine Culinary Odyssey

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Al Rosanna Dinner: A Levantine Culinary Odyssey 

What does Ibsen’s “Terje Vigen” poem have to do with Al Rosanna and the great famine of Lebanon (1915-1918)? How does food history contribute to our grand national narratives? Can recipes, food stories, and memories offer an alternative view to our national imagination? Just as recipes evolve over time to incorporate inspiration from different corners around the world, so should our foundational national myths. Can we think of the recipes we use and the food we eat as a way to consider how our pasts and futures are connected beyond borders and nation states? 

These questions and the stories around them are the backdrop of our dinner. 

Join us at Al Rosanna Dinner for a unique culinary journey that transcends time and space. Step into a world of exquisite flavors as we sail in memory from Røst in north Norway all the way to Beirut to experience the rich heritage of the Levant. 

Al Rosanna Dinner will serve you history, flavors, aromas and melodies from Norway, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Iraq. Palestinian chef Thurayya Alkury and Norwegian author and cook Andreas Delsett present their own interpretation of the myths of Al Rosanna and Terje Vigen. 

Ticket price: 620,-

Your ticket includes


  • Baghdad: Cheese Boreg - savory pastry with side of bitter orange jam

  • Beirut: Yalanji - wrapped grape leaves with fresh herbs

  • Røst: Fish and grain snack

  • Aleppo: Fattet Makdous - layered eggplant with crisp bread, lamb minced meat, yogourt and pomegranate sauce

  • Safad: Walnut Kullaj - sweet pastry served with dried apricot pure

  • Back in the times: surprise medieval dish

  • Bring your own drink!

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This event is part of Masahat festival for Arab arts and culture taking place during 21-24 September 2023 around different venues in Oslo. Link to full program: